The Moonlight Blades is a rank 10 casual adult style kinship on the Lord of the Rings Online
“Arkenstone Server” we have a good mix of players ranging from the casual to
the hardcore, we have a core group that have been playing together for 2 to 3
years, like most kinship’s, we also have end game goals, but the most important
goal is “Have Fun”. We are actively involved with other kinship’s to create
alliances, in doing that it adds diversity to the game and makes for a much
larger friendship pool. We have knowledgeable officers that offer a wide
variety of support from raiding, questing, crafting, to accomplishing deeds. While
experiencing the great content the game has to offer, we spend hours laughing,
joking and building friendships, that in most cases will be unforgettable on a
Teamspeak 3 chat server. Recently we have decided to expand the “Moonlight
Blades” family and open our doors to new members. We are looking for dedicated,
mature players, who are well on there way in understanding there class, “THIS
DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO KNOW EVERYTHING” learning is one of the fun parts of
the game. We want players who are looking to have some fun & want to build
some really solid friendships, we are also looking for players who want to help
us succeed as a kin. 

If you would like
to become a member of the “Moonlight Blades” please apply to the kinship by
using the link to the left “Apply to Kinship” then let the fun begin. Please
use your main characters name so we can identify you.